Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daisy's for Dinner

Today I made "Dandelion Greens with Roasted Walnuts and Hard-Cooked Egg." My husband bought the Dandelion greens thinking they were something else. After a week of seeing them in the fridge I asked him what they were and he responded with, "Oh, my mom told me they were daisy's." I asked him if he was sure they were daisy's and not dandelion greens and he said, "yeah, dandelion greens sound about right."

Husbands say the darnest things.

So first things first, I had to roast the walnuts. Unfortunately my lil woke up from his nap, so by the time I picked him up and finished nursing him this happened!

I ate the walnuts that were still OK and chucked the rest. My husband would be frowning if he were there. He grew up during a war so its very much ingrained in him to never waste food. Ah well, whadya gonna do?!?! My second batch came out much better!
 Next up I boiled some eggs. I only needed 2 but I boiled more for future use. My daughter had one for dinner.
This is she, keeping me company in the kitchen while working on her alphabet sounds.

Smashed some garlic
I made the garlic, red wine vinegar dressing and cooked it for a minute.

These are the dandelion greens  

This is the finished salad.

I really like this salad! If you dont like bitter flavors then this is not for you though. I thought the walnuts gave it a nice sweet taste and the egg made it slightly creamy. The dressing was super yummy though I think next time Im going to add more garlic. I ate this as a side dish but the husband had it as a main dish.
Good stuff!

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