Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ugly but Good

Yesterday was "Vegetarian Friday!" My husband is Catholic Maronite and they try to abstain from meat and poultry on Friday's. Fish is permitted though, so I guess it's more "Semi-Vegetarian Friday!"
We didn't have Tuna so I made the husband an "Egg Salad with Caper's and Onions" Sandwich.

I gathered all the ingredients I needed.
Ignore the orange and Gatorade.

Boiled some eggs. The brown ones are for my kiddies; they are the expensive organic kind.

And there we are. It was hard trying to make the egg sandwich look pretty so I placed it next to some cherry tomatoes. Too lazy to take 'em out of the box. Still looked kinda ugly but it was pretty tasty!

And speaking of ugly...
These guys needed to be used so I looked in the cookbook and found "Banana Oat Muffins."

Mashed the bananas

 Didn't have buttermilk so i did the milk and vinegar trick.

Grated some nutmeg. I LOVE the smell!

Ready for the oven

Top Row in Pict:  The first batch came out pretty sad-looking and tasted a little bland. I immediately realized the recipe didn't call for salt! Salt brings out the sweet flavor in baked goods.

Middle Row in Pict: I added salt and little bit of white sugar to the next batch. It tasted much better!

Bottom Row in Pict: To the last batch I decided to add some vanilla and a little bit of baking powder. The last batch had a lighter texture, though I think I prefer the more dense texture.

Yesterday was the first time I completely abstained from meat. Our dinner included the mujadarrah that my mother-in-law fixed, hummus with olive oil my father-in-law made and Shanklish my husband made (a combo of cheese, onion, tomatoes and olive oil). I had the hard task of washing the veggies.
My daughter's dinner looked a lot cuter.

And this was our lunch today. Leftover egg salad with pickled jalapenos and carrots on top of a green salad. My daughter had cheese pizza and veggies and my son had hard boiled egg yolk mixed with a bunch of other stuff.  Dinner tonight might be similar to what we had yesterday.
Looks like another meatless day!!! 


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