Thursday, February 17, 2011

My towed up Finger: War wound from my Kitchen

So this is really embarrassing you guys, but I totally messed up my finger yesterday with my new stick blender. I TOLD myself to be careful and not to mess with it unless it was disconnected, but it only took one second of stupidity to get this:
The food I was blending got stuck and as I was trying to take the food out I accidentally pushed the button. It was super scary because I couldn't see how bad the cut was since it was bleeding profusely. I grabbed the first thing I saw (my sons dirty undershirt that was soaking in the bathroom sink) and wrapped it around my finger. My mother-in-law lives next door to me but she was working. I told my 4yr old to watch the baby while I went downstairs to ask help from my neighbors. After my neighbor poured alcohol we went back upstairs to check on the kids and I called my nurse friend.
She walked me through the process, basically pressure and ice. My neighbors had to go and I was left alone with my 2 kids and a finger that wouldn't stop bleeding. At the moment I felt super alone; it's when I finally lost it and begin to cry.
An hour later a few people arrived to help including my nurse friend and my father-in-law. My friend treated the wound and said that I might not need stitches after all. I was relieved because I don't have insurance.

Anywho, today the wound is looking like it's healing well. Not looking forward to doing dishes with this bandage around my finger, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse then it could have been and that I had so many helping hands. Of course, this was the one day my husbands phone decided to blow out, so he had no idea what happened until he got home. He pretty much freaked out because he thought the top of my finger was gone. Craziness.

Well, after that whole gory story I'm sure the last thing someone wants to look at are pictures of food, but here goes anyway.
Yesterday (pre-finger-mutilation) I made Mujadarrah or "Lentils and Rice with Fried Onion." Since my husband is Lebanese we have this often but I've never made it before. This recipe was different from my mother-in-laws in that it had black pepper and much more rice.

I liked the fried onions that go with the dish.
Finished dish

Next up I made "Sauteed Zucchini with Garlic and Lemon."

Adding some lemon with my trusty grater
*Sigh* my index finger looks so pretty in this picture.

Because of the whole finger drama I didn't eat dinner until about 9pm. At this time the food tasted OK. I definitely like less rice in my Mujadarrah. Today my mother-in-law told me she would "fix it," which means make it taste more like hers.  The zucchini was nice, nothing special but a good way to cook it if I'm in a hurry. I don't think I'm going to be cooking tonight. I might make some banana muffins but other then that it might just be leftovers. Yesterday was pretty crazy and I want to take it easy today.


  1. OMG Maria, I am so glad you did not loose your finger! I am sure you will be more careful next time. I am the same way with stuff like that. I think about how careful I have to be and then I still end up with or "close" to an accident. I love your blog and the way you write! YAY, keep up the good work!

  2. Today i did dishes and couldnt clean the blender. Just didnt have the courage. SO glad you like the blog!! thanks so much!!! And congrats on the engagement! Cant wait to see picts of you in your wedding dress!

  3. gah! sorry about your finger - my husband did the SAME exact thing while making hummus

  4. Noooo waaaaaaay! I was sure this type of thing could only happen to me. Wow. Hope his finger came out better than mine